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Special Education Interpreters and Translators

Welcome! Our department provides interpreting and translation services related to Special Education. We currently have Spanish and Vietnamese interpreters on staff. Other spoken languages are covered through cooperation agreements with an outside agency.

If you require urgent assistance, please contact our supervisor Mario Garcia:

Email: [email protected]; Phone: 619-362-4430 (direct office line)

For questions regarding translation/interpretation not related to Special Education, please contact Ana Morales, Translation Department (Public Information Office) [email protected] .

If you need an ASL interpreter, please contact [email protected] .

Request Forms

To request an interpreter (all spoken languages) for an IEP meeting, IEP assessment, 504 review, or check-in call, please use the  Interpreter Request Form. You will be notified when your request is scheduled.

Please send forms for meetings and assessments with at least 2 weeks’ notice and allow up to 48 hours for a response.  For questions, please contact [email protected], or call 619-362-4430 (direct line).

In case of any cancellations or changes, please “decline” the Outlook calendar invite and send an email to [email protected] as soon as possible.


To request a translated document, please use the Document Translation Request Form

Documents will be delivered to case managers and staff through the PowerSchool Special Programs platform. Case managers can distribute electronic or physical copies of translated documents to families once they are available on PowerSchool.

Please contact doctrans-iep@sandi.net or call 619-362-4430 (direct office line) if you have additional questions or require immediate assistance with document translation.

Additional Resources

Interpreting and Translation Services Form links


Mario Garcia, Supervisor
[email protected]
Kimbrough Elementary, Room 116

Bravo, Victoria - [email protected]
Cagle, Summer - 
[email protected]
Chavez, Patti- 
[email protected]
Gonzalez, Karen - 
[email protected]
Ledezma, Fidel- 
[email protected]
McIntyre, Jeovanna - 
[email protected]
Michel, Lily - 
[email protected]t
Riggins, Josefina - 
[email protected]
Teal, Angelica - 
[email protected]
Tran, Duc - 
[email protected]
Trejo, Veronica - [email protected]
Jose Pablo Ortiz - [email protected]
Irhidian Moreno - [email protected]
Vera Diaz - [email protected]
Raquel Arce-deVasquez - [email protected]


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